Professional Recovery Counseling, LLC - Helping you put your life back in your hands
Our office will remain closed due to the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic until further notice. 

Please contact us to arrange for phone or virtual sessions.

We are all in this together.

Please stay safe and keep others safe by limiting your outings and contact with others, wearing masks when out for errands and 
washing your hands often.

You will never know whose life you saved by doing
these simple acts of respect!


Counseling Improves Quality of Life!
Sometimes life presents challenges that affect the quality of our relationships and daily functioning. Counseling can help to ease the overwhelming feelings that are associated with life transitions, depression, anxiety, anger, family, and other interpersonal relationship problems. Our counselors can assist in restoring you to a fuller and more effective way of living by working with you in addressing your concerns and helping to put life back into perspective.
Professional Recovery Counseling recognizes that each individual is unique in his or her life experience. Our goal is to provide counseling services that are tailored to meet each client's specific counseling needs in individual, couples, family or group settings. 

The POWER for Change is in YOUR hands. 
We are here to help you find your power.

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